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Frontier Internet packages are available in 29 states, with some areas designated for FiOS plans and others for High-Speed Internet. Both services help households stay connected, with FiOS supporting even more devices and users.

$27.99 / month

for 24 months

  • Up to 45 Mbps
  • Broadband

$$29.99 / month

for 24 months

  • Up to 940 Mbps
  • Fiber Optic


Internet speeds are expressed in megabits per second (Mbps), which measures how many bits of data your connection can send or receive at one time. Frontier internet speeds start at up to 6 Mbps with faster options available to allow more bandwidth for busier homes.

Up to

  • Ideal for 1–2 users
  • Best for email, browsing & shopping
  • No annual commitment

Up to

  • Ideal for 2–4 users
  • Best for HD streaming
  • No annual commitment

Up to

  • Ideal for 4–6 users
  • Best for households with lots of devices
  • No annual commitment
Dish Internet

Make DISH your internet provider anywhere

Did you know you can get high speed internet from DISH? No matter where in the country you live, DISH has a way to get you connected with internet services tailored to your location. We offer high speed satellite internet as well as high speed wired internet solutions through providers in your area.

Stay connected with DISH satellite internet

In places where connecting through cable or fiber isn’t an option, DISH offers high speed satellite internet. No matter where you are, you can take care of the important things—email, shopping, browsing the web. Connections are reliable, installation is professional, and dish customer support is available 24/7.

Dish Satellite Internet
Dish Internet Providers Nationwide

We partner with internet providers nationwide

Get high speed internet service no matter where you live. DISH can get you connected through our partners in your neighborhood and offer you the value you expect. Whether we connect you with cable or fiber, you can do all the browsing and streaming you like.

Get the benefits of an internet-connected Hopper

The Hopper 3 is the most technologically-advanced DVR but we made it simple to use with even more features available when it’s connected to the internet. Use popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora on your TV through the Hopper 3—no need to connect another device. Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV anywhere. Plus you can control your TV without a remote when you pair the Hopper 3 with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Dish Internet-connected Hopper